About Bon Voyage Parking

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How It All Began

Bon Voyage Parking began as a response to the usual issues that a customer can meet with subpar valet services. We were inspired to enter the industry while using a valet parking service at Heathrow Airport during a business flight to Frankfurt. Unnecessary delays, poor communication, and an impersonal experience left much to be desired. Bon Voyage Parking is a professional service that puts customers first. We know that you have somewhere to be and want to make travelling a little easier with a personal touch and congenial service. Bon Voyage Parking is second to none so that you can get where you’re going and start your journey with confidence.

Our Mission

The overarching mission at Bon Voyage Parking is to provide the best customer service in the industry and to redesign the valet experience by thinking outside of the box. We are willing to do whatever is necessary to meet your every need. It’s not enough to have satisfied customers, we want to give you an unforgettable customer experience and make travelling easier.

Our Vision

Having a customer centered vision pushes us to focus on the smallest details. We try our best to make sure that your experience with us is truly unique. Our well-trained, friendly staffs are proactive and prefer to wait for you, rather than forcing any customer to wait for them. We have a long list of satisfied customers who appreciate our hard work and dedication.